Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Square Root Game

Blogging Challenge Day 4
Something you did in class this week.

Today the 7th graders played what I call the "Square Root Game" to start class.  The term game is kind of a stretch.  The rules are very simple.

1. I will write a square root on the board.  For example sqrt(12)
2. The students will on their own write down their best estimate of the square root.
3. After about a minute or so pencils are put down, and they share their guess with their neighbors.
4. The answer is revealed.  (with some theatrics of course)
5. We decide who is the closest, and they get a small candy prize.  (Jolly Rancher, Werther's, etc...)

For some reason, the kids love this.  We played 4 rounds this morning and they were begging for more.  We usually play this game during the end of our exponents/square roots learning target.  We will play this every day to start off class.

By the end the kids get really good at it and need to pretty much be right on two decimal spots to win.  I also love this game because there is a little luck involved, and really anybody can win.  I usually try to keep playing in class until everyone has won at least once over the couple weeks.

This is an example how a simple idea, some theatrics, some energy, and a small candy prize can go a long way to energize a room and get the learning going.


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