Thursday, January 16, 2014

Desk = Mess

Blogging Challenge day 6
Something I wish I did better

I need to be better organized.  Plain and simple my classroom is always a disaster.  My desk is always a sea of random papers.  Every year I get one of those big desk calendars thinking it will help me be better organized.  Then 1-2 weeks into school it is buried in the paper waves of disorganization.  I usually don't see it again until the end of the year.

I have used apps, post its, small white boards, and anything else to keep better organized.  Nothing seems to stick.  I just can't seem to regularly commit my time to it.  I feel I would be a better teacher if I was better organized, but I just can't seem to make it happen.

This year I am implementing a self paced/flipped/differentiated/leveled 8th grade math class.  I have created a google doc that contains information on every student and their progress on every learning target.  What they have finished, quiz scores, pre-quiz scores levels of proficiency... and I am barely above the waves. Luckily I have a very understanding wife who understands I need at least half a day every weekend just to keep up with this project.  

I need some steps to stay better organized.  I can see some steps to be ether organized, but like my desk calendar, I probably won't look at them until summer.


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  1. Me too! My dream is to have a clean, organized desk that stays that way for the entire week. The most I can ever seem to manage is a day or so. Then, I give up. Things return to normal. AKA it looks like an F-5 blew threw my classroom. My school's mascot is the tornado, though, So, I guess it's fitting.

    By the way, I'm loving all your posts for this blogging challenge!