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1:1 Device Classroom Expectations Poster

Blogging Challenge Day 7
Classroom Management Tip

Our high school went 1:1 last year.  The teachers have struggled with management of them in the classroom.  Kids using them more for games, being off task, the usual stuff.  

Next year, our plan is go to 1:1 in the junior high.  We thought the classroom management would be easier if the teachers used common language with expectations about the iPads.  So  sub-committee was formed in investigate this, (the sub-committee was me, my Google skills, and Twitter).  

After much perusing around the internet and sending emails back and forth with some other schools I came up with the following graphic that would summarize our expectations about iPads.  

Know that the elementary is a PBIS school with the following expectations posted everywhere in their hallways.  
    1. Be Responsible
    2. Be Safe
    3. Be Respectful
    4. Be Prepared

So I decided to use those as a basis for the expectations.  The results of my first draft is below.    

Stay on Task:  
    Off task kids are going to do off task things.  However the 1:1 seems to enable this behavior even more.  Next year, this will be a major point of emphasis during the first month. 

Use for Learning:
    I would like to reword this one somehow, but I can't seem to think of anything better.  The devices should be used for learning.  The students seem to think otherwise.  

No Meanness:
   The high school struggled during the first part of year with the devices being used for cyberbullying and just plain bullying.  Posting mean things, taking photos/videos, the list was large and unacceptable.  I read Dave Burgess' book "Teaching Like a Pirate" this summer and used his No Meanness rule in my room this year.  It has gone pretty well.  So I thought using similar terminology with the iPads would be helpful.  

Flip When Told:
    Flipping the screen toward the teacher whenever asked to lets the teacher check on on-task behavior.  Another plus is it takes the students eyes off the screen and focuses them on the teacher.  This can also be used to have the student flip the iPad screen down on their desk when not in use.  
Charged and Silent:
  Keep them charged, (parents will need to be trained in) and keep them silent.  Pretty obvious.  

Keep Updated:  
    We had problems with kids refusing to download apps that were pushed out by the school.  I think this is better now.  I am not sure if it was a lack of training or teenagers being teenagers.

Protect Privacy:
    Where do students learn this?  Shouldn't this be an essential outcome in every school?

Stand up to Cyberbullying:
   Students need skills to deal with mean people on the internet.  They are everywhere.  The best bullying book I ever read was Love & Logic's "BullyProof my Child" or something like that.  Those skills are invaluable in cyberspace as well.  

I am hoping this language can help us address the most common issues in a 1:1 classroom.  Anybody have any feedback about missing areas, or areas we should change?


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  1. I will be interested to hear more about how this works. We are not 1 to 1, but I do have 11 iPads in my classroom. We are also a PBIS school. I like how you have tied that in. I think I will give that a try too. Thanks for a great post.