Sunday, September 3, 2017

7th Grade Math in MN: Days 7-8

Week 1
Day 7: Lesson 6.8.1 - Got Data
Day 8: Lesson 6.8.1 - Got Data

We actually got to use our first problems from Illustrative Math this week.  We started with a sixth grade unit about Data.  In MN, 7th graders are expected to study data distributions, and more complex uses of mean, median, and mode.  This would include effects of outliers and missing data points, as well as picking which measure of center is the best for a situation and data set.  We are going to use Unit 6.8 to launch into these standards.

So we started with Lesson 1 this week.  It did take two days as we are also getting our interactive notebooks set up as well.  So we started each class by putting 2-3 things in our INBs that are based on our class expectations, group work guidelines, growth mindset graphics and a "How to Learn Math" handout based on this bulletin board.

We talked about all this stuff last week, and by putting handouts in their INB this week, we get to revisit these topics again.  

We then started the data set with a "what do you notice and what do you wonder" activity with a dot plot.  I let them notice and wonder on their own, then discuss in groups, and then we called on a random student using the spinner.  

Then we talked through the 5 possibilities for the dot plot.  This took a little longer than I expected because they were into the discussion.  So then we previewed the survey questions, then defined numerical and categorical data.  Then the students did Activity 2, we discussed it.  Finally, I had the students do the formative assessment question on their own and turn it in for me to review.  

The next day we had a great discussion about whether zip codes were numerical or categorical.  Not one of my students picked it as categorical on the FA.  So I started by going over the 2 choices that were obviously categorical, and then I told them that there was 1 more.  I let them talk in groups for a minute or two and then we discussed.  It was a great discussion and we eventually landed on ZIP CODE being categorical and why it was categorical.  

The students then spent the rest of class measuring and answering all the survey/data questions.  All in all a great first lesson using Illustrative Math.  Great thinking and discussing by the students which is exactly what I want during math class.  

A download of my "student-facing" PDF is here.  
A view only Google Doc of the "student-facing" handout is here.  

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