Tuesday, September 5, 2017

7th Grade Math in MN: Day 9

Week 3
Day 9: White Board Game & 6.8.2 - Statistical Questions

We started the day with a White Board Game, since it is the first day of the week.

Since we started with that game, we skipped the warm up and jumped right into Activity 1.
The students had great discussions matching up the questions to the data set.  At one point the students were confused about which one was "books read" and which one was "number of pets."
We did bring up that maybe this area loves animals and hates reading, but we eventually went with the "correct" answer from the materials.  

We were then starting to run out of time, so we jumped the gun and started talking about "good statistical questions."  I mentioned that two of the above questions are not good statistical questions.  Then they discussed in groups to identify those questions.  

The students then worked as a group on questions from Activity 3.  We then quickly discussed the results to this activity.  

The day was great. I am already starting to get worried about my timeline as I am already going to have to add a week to this data unit.  So there is no way I can take a week off Proportional Relationships.  I have a hard time imagining circles going any faster than 3 weeks either.  
This is why i push all the algebra to the end of the year.  I know I will pick up any lost algebra skills in 8th grade.  (In MN 8th grade math is basically Algebra I).  

A downloadable PDF of my student facing handout is here.  
A google doc, that you can make a copy of to edit, is here.  

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