Thursday, January 29, 2015

Something funny and kind of scary happened....

So on Monday this week, I woke up really sick at about 3 am.  Now it so happened that I had planned on getting most of my lessons ready to go during my period 2 prep that day.  So I knew that I had not much ready for a sub to work with if I just stayed home.  Throw in another fact that I was supposed to be running a junior high math league meet 45 minutes before school started.  So I ended up pulling myself together enough to get through the math league meet.  Then I would use 30 minutes to get lesson plans together for the day.  I would then head home and let the sub run the rest of the day for periods 3-9.

So after no sub signed up for my gig, I told the secretary that we only needed someone for periods 3-9 because I would be there for the first two periods because of math league.  She said okay, I ran my math league meet, created some activities and headed home.

My usual routine when I am going to be gone for the day is to email lesson plans not only to our secretary, but all the students as well.  I find it usually helps the sub out and helps the students know what is going ot happen that day even though I am not in the room.  On this Monday I did send an email to all my students giving a quick outline to the plan for class and I attached the necessary materials.

So when I get to school on Tuesday, and interesting thing happened.  I immediately had 3 students run up to me and say "We had no teacher Mr. Sieling!"  I said "What?"  They told me "all from the same class, that no teacher ever showed up to run class on Monday.  It happened in just 1 class period, but still I was a little worried about what had happened.

So I believe they came into class on Monday, realized there was no teacher.  At some point looked for the normal Monday game, realized there was no game, no teacher and then started working on their assignment.  Now, these are 7th grade students.  I doubt it was quiet.  In fact, a group of girls moved to work in the hallway because "the boys were loud."  However, they all got their work done without the teacher even being there.  I was pretty proud of them for that.

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